Consultative services on personnel appraisal and attestation in organization

Personnel appraisal is an integral part of modern system of human resource management. Each organization aimed at working efficiency of each employee individually and all the staff at whole and it should understand that personnel appraisal and attestation – key tool of competent management. Personnel appraisal is the important factor for management decision making.

Why personnel appraisal is necessary?

1. To identify the best and more effective employees.

2. To find weak and inefficiency employees.

3. To change wage system for improvement of personnel motivation.

4. To identify the level of competency, qualification and professionalism.

5. For personnel development program preparation.

6. To identify the level of loyalty, accordingly confidence of separate employees and/or structural subdivisions.

7. To receive feedback from employees

8. And the main – to have perfect forecast about tough as nails.

Personnel appraisal – human resource management tool!

We offer you range of services on appraisal or any at the choice:
- development of personnel appraisal system and Regulation;
- development of competences by positions;
- conducting of personnel appraisal;
- recommendations on personnel placement, transfer, forming of personnel reserve and dismissal;
- personnel development program preparation by appraisal results.
Project cost on personnel appraisal defines after preliminary discussion of appraisal objectives, work capacity, appraisal methods.