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copy-BFE-logo1.pngA Training Center «Business and Finance Excellence» is an educational center that covers all aspects of business, management, banking and finance.  A Center offers wide range of services including professional development in banking sector, creation and development of own business, as well personal and professional development of youth. Being a center of intellectual and practical activity, a Training Center offers approaches in business, finance and management sectors.


to promote capacity building of the MFOs and banks` personnel, small and medium enterprise, students and schoolchildren through provision of quality educational services.


to become the most important educational service provider in the country and to provide theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and know-how in the field of training and business services.


A Training Center «Business and Finance Excellence» started its activity in 2010 as a staff development unit under HR department of the LLC MDO «IMON International». In 2012 it was created Training Center of the LLC MDO «IMON International» with the aim of provision of quality educational programs and knowledge enhancement of personnel working in organization (current and new personnel) for achievement of long-term competitive position. During the period of its activity a Training Center of the LLC MDO «IMON International» delivered 1066 internal trainings and webinars for 15387 employees, 12 trainings for external participants from micro-finance organizations of Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In 2015 a Training Center «Business and Finance Excellence» was established with the aim of continuation its activities on enhancing of LLC MDO IMON International personnel’s capacity building and providing small and medium enterprises with development of opportunities and promotion of youth’s growth.

The main advantage of a Training Center «Business and Finance Excellence» is great experience in delivering educational activities and acknowledgement of specifics of country in financial and business sectors which promotes in creation of specialized banking and finance programs for management and entire organization personnel growth.

A Training Center «Business and Finance Excellence» designs the training programs according to the sector needs assessment. A Training Center «Business and Finance Excellence» has both local and foreign professional human and educational resources. Thus, the Center is able to offer training programs on a sufficiently wide range of topics, mainly covering specific educational needs of the financial and business sectors. A Training Center «Business and Finance Excellence» adheres to the principle of “rapid response” to emerging needs in specific topics:

  • Trainings for micro-finance sector
  • Business trainings for small and medium enterprises
  • Financial education for private entrepreneurs and individuals
  • Business consultations (on registration, licensing, taxation, value chain development etc.) Business Incubation services (provision of office space start-up consulting)
  • B2B (business to business) activities (organization of round tables and meetings)
  • Mentoring programs
  • Informational office, «compass» for business
  • Rent of premises for trainings
  • Professional seeking and staff recruitment
  • Evaluation and attestation of new and current personnel
  • Organization of webinars

Timely training of company personnel is the key to success achievement of company goals.


Tajikistan, Sughd region, Khujand city

Address: 20 microdistrict, «Kokhi Matbuot» 11 floor

Telephone: +992 927090030; +99292 6439999;

Website: www.bfe.tj

E-mail: info@bfe.tj