Exciting discussions and kind speech of guest



The next part of the project «Big brothers and big sisters»– discussion club in target group – orphan home of Buston town is conducted very interesting. A trainer Khushbakht Karimov firstly, has acquainted adolescents with the definition of discussion – debates by giving an example from the life of students.

Afterwards, they were trained the discussion methods, ideas perfection by giving reliable facts, adherence to the discussion rules. When explanation the topic, a trainer could engage adolescents and made them active. Several funny games made the children active and cheerful. At the end of session, they divided into two groups and discussed important topics. Observations show that majority has gained negotiation skills.

In accordance with project, it was arranged meeting with leaders, those youth that enjoyed a benefit from last project of center “Build your future today!”. Aziza Tukhtaboeva, the guest of meeting, working for National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan told the children about herself. She told that she completed Master’s degree program at the Institute of economy and trade of Tajik State University of commerce. In 2017, for one week she participated in previous project of center “Build your future today!” held in “Shohin” camp and enjoyed a benefit and obtained new skills. Her participation helped in her activity, when she was coordinator of joint project of Red Cross Germany and Red Crescent in Tajikistan and in her present activity.

Hereafter Aziza Tukhtaboeva has encouraged adolescents that majority of them was orphans, houseless or from poor families, to strive and make effort, as todays condition particularly new internet technologies allow to create own business even with one somoni. Training participants asked many questions to Aziza Tukhtaboeva and received satisfied answers.

This is a reminder that «Big brothers and big sisters» project is implementing since May 2018 and shall be continued up to October of current year, the target of which is improving the leadership skills of orphan and disable adolescents in orphan houses through conducting trainings and discussions.

The project is funding by US Department of State and implementing by alumni of US Department of State programs  Gafforova Zebuniso (alumnus of UGRAD program 2011), Usmonova Nasiba (alumnus of Open World 2016), Tojiboev Khurshed (alumnus of Edmund S. Graduate Fellowship Program 2012)and Akhmedova Mutriba (alumnus of Techwomen 2015)through  Training Center “Business and finance excellence” (acting director Mutriba Akhmedova). 

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