Trainings in “Otashak” camp


On July 12, in summer camp “Otashak” of Isfara town, which is annually leading the students of orphan’s home of Shurab village within the vocations, next lessons were held within the project “Big brothers and big sisters”. Two trainers, experienced teachers Baroat Fozilova and Maksuda Rakhimova, with the help of orphanage students, in a short time turned the dining room into a classroom, arranged mobile boards, sign-boards, visual aids and distributed handouts.

In the beginning, when meeting, the trainers introduced themselves then children introduced each other and told about their favorite profession. Through quiz, the children provided information about the history of money occurrence and trainers told about their proper expenditures. The children were asked what they wanted to buy. It turned out that they have many desires. Trainers explained that the expenses are divided into two parts: necessary and desired. Children have recorded a list of necessary and desired goods and services on the sheet of project proposals.

Training on budget is held very interesting. Children understood the revenue and expenditure part of budget, shortage and income, contributions and they independently made up their personal budget. Particularly, the game “Bozor” (Market) has good practical focus. The children were divided into two groups: sellers and buyers. Trainers gave the sellers “products” – potatoes and carrots at a certain price and told them to take them to the market, set prices by considering travel expenses, place and profit earning and sell them. A group of buyers was given “money” to buy from the sellers “products”. Honestly, the “market” with all looks and voices of sellers and buyers was in full play. In the end, sellers and buyers provided information about their sale and purchase. It turned out that the session about money was reasonable, and most of them learned the method of economical treatment. One of the students of Manizha Zaikina expressed her impressions about the first sessions of the project:

- Honestly, I am studying at school, get high and good grades, however, these training fundamentally changed my view about money and their using, revenue and expenditures. I dream to be a teacher and so interesting to conduct my lessons as todays trainers Baroat Fozilova and Maksuda Rahimova.

Director of orphan’s home of Shurab village Bifotima Davlatova appreciated the representatives of project for their visit and very useful lessons and said that in future, cooperation with project will be continued.

It is a reminder that Project “Big brothers and big sisters” is funded by US Department of State and implemented by Training Center “Business and finance excellence” (acting director of center is Mutriba Akhmedova), the aim of which is to increase the knowledge level and leadership skills of orphans and disabled children in boarding schools and orphanages through training and debates.

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